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Dr. Joyce Hunt Brown, N.M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Joyce Hunt Brown has had an interesting and challenging life. After a lifetime of heartbreaking tragedies, the great turning point of her life arrived. A two-year period of being bedridden and deathly ill culminated in a profound near-death experience in 1983. Now equipped with a wealth of heavenly answers for earthly challenges, this was the transforming incident where she went from desperately wanting to die, to desperately wanting to help others live.

Unfortunately, the major life challenges were not over. After experiencing severe health problems for some time, including losing her voice, Dr. Joyce was diagnosed with ALS in 1988, at the age of 54. Following a miraculous recovery from ALS, including regaining an even more youthful voice, her doctors were left dumbfounded while Dr. Joyce doubled down on her desire to help people turn stress into success.

In fact, since then, across the nation and around the world, Dr. Joyce has been working energetically, answering calls, training groups and organizations, and, in the process, saving and transforming lives. She has brought innumerable people back from the brink of suicide, depression, and grief. She has helped people overcome anger, anxiety, and chronic stress. Through her ongoing work as a guest speaker and trainer, she has a long record of helping organizations strengthen morale, improve communication, resolve conflict, and increase productivity.

As a certified crisis chaplain, Dr. Joyce also continues to visit with groups of teens at youth detention centers, inmates at prisons, various different groups in churches, and at-risk kids in schools. To continue this work Dr. Joyce founded Stress and Grief Relief, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public charity in 1999.

Making frequent guest appearances on television as “The Hope Doctor,” Dr. Joyce is the host and producer of The Hope Doctor Show, where she shares from her remarkable story, and the eternal wisdom that radically transformed and gave new meaning and purpose to her life. This wisdom includes the unique methods and proven techniques she utilizes in helping people and organizations thrive and strive for miraculous success.

Known as a trusted advisor, Dr. Joyce is an author, speaker, coach, and Certified Crisis Chaplain. She is also a Board-Certified expert and Diplomate with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress®. While in practice as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (N.M.D.), Dr. Joyce received six Lifetime Achievement Awards in the natural health field. She is the author of the books Survivor of Life After Life Shares Heavenly Answers for Earthly Challenges: Simple Lessons for a Miracle-Filled Life, Near Death Survivor Conquers ALS, Depression, Grief, Suicide & More: A Book of Hope, as well as the sleep learning audio recordings, Whispers for Life and Prosperity and the specialized meditation, Whispers for Miraculous Results. Some of her most popular programs include:

  1. The Power of Positive Belief:
  2. Change Your Self-Talk, Change Your Life
  3. Super Goals: Desire, Visualize, and Realize Miraculous Results
  4. The Ultimate Mindset: Unlock the Power of Your Miraculous Mind.

Her websites are: and

Help Stop Suicide Free Book to Thrive and Survive

Dr. Joyce Hunt Brown's ALS Book is Currently Available!

Now, at almost 90 years old, Dr. Joyce is a 33-year survivor of ALS, and she continues to live a vibrant, vigorous and joyful life.
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God’s Heavenly Answers:
Near-Death Experience Revealed

Near-Death Survivor provides hope to those who think life is not worth living. This out-of-body, true near-death account of the Other Side reports startling new information and reveals proof of God’s immense love. It provides hope and a miraculous cure for suicidal thoughts as it shows how to gain spiritual power, attain joy in this life, and build a retirement fund in Heaven. This book has produced wondrous results for many. You too can discover:

  • Insights Into How to Create Love in an Unfair World
  • Heavenly Stress Reducers that Work
  • Heavenly Coping Techniques for Immediate Results
  • Motivation for Living
  • Practical Ways to Obtain Heavenly Mercy and Answers to Prayers.

As this book’s first buyers began calling back to order additional copies to give to their friends and family, countless expressed a new desire to live. They were now recounting heart warming stories of overcoming despair, attaining peace of mind, and gaining spiritual power. Dr. Joyce Brown’s Near-Death Experience as related in her book brings a bright light of hope to all God’s children, and provides Heavenly Answers to humanity’s most burning question: “How can I make certain that I will enjoy the Other Side when I get there?”

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Dr. Joyce’s captivating and life-changing programs are geared to you, her audience. Whether she is motivating or training, she takes time to tailor her talk to your organization or group and your goals. She uses compelling stories and real life examples which are not just memorable, but also life-changing and life-saving.


Coaching & Consulting

Dr. Joyce is available for private coaching or consulting on a limited basis. If you would like to schedule a time to speak, please call: Click HERE to Call Now.
(888) DR-JOYCE or
(888) 375-6923.


Dr. Joyce’s story “is saving lives” and having “a life-changing impact…” according to Mark Victor Hansen, Co‑author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. The good news is you can now both of her newest books absolutely free (for a limited time only). Just follow these two links:

  1. Near Death Survivor Gives Hope to People with ALS, Traumatic Stress, Depression, Thoughts of Suicide and More &
  2. God’s Heavenly Answers: Near-Death Experience Revealed

What People Are Saying

Mark Victor Hansen:

“Dr. saving lives” and having “a life-changing impact…”

Dr. David W. Allan, Atomic Clock Scientist, author of It’s About Time: Science Harmonizing with Religion:

“Dr. Joyce Hunt Brown is one of the most remarkable and inspiring people I have ever met. Her book Heavenly Answers has saved innumerable people’s lives who had been suicidal. After reading her book describing her near-death experience, we were so deeply touched that we made contact with her, and have been the best of friends ever since. Joyce has helped countless people deal with grief and major stress issues in their lives. It is interesting, that more recently others have shown how almost all disease, which includes suicidal tendencies, are linked to stress. Society owes a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Brown for her pioneering work and continued contributions. How fortunate we are to have her book. It, undoubtedly, will be used countless times in helping people move through their challenges in life.”

Janice Kapp Perry, Author, Composer:

“I want to thank Joyce Brown for putting things back in perspective for me. The day after I read this book (I read it in one sitting!), I viewed my life from a completely different, and much improved perspective. It’s great to be reminded in such a compelling way about what really matters most—now and in eternity.”

Kim and Kay Cherry, Founders of ALS Winners:

“Dr. Joyce Brown is one of the most upbeat and inspiring people we know. If you look at her life story, you will wonder how she could possibly be so upbeat. She has endured more heartbreak and trials than anyone we know. And yet, her belief in God is strong, her commitment to help her fellowman never wavers, and her positive attitude never quits. I, Kim, was diagnosed with ALS in 2011 and we relate well to that portion of her story. Many of my symptoms were the same as Dr. Brown’s. In 2016, I was termed an ALS reversal. Though I have not completely healed, we continue to enjoy life and move forward. This new book is valuable for anyone looking to improve their life in multiple ways and is totally inspiring. We hope you will read it.”

Darla Isackson, Author of Finding Hope While Grieving Suicide:

“I have firsthand knowledge that the book Heavenly Answers is actually saving lives. The author, Dr. Joyce Brown, shatters the myth that all you have to do is kill yourself to get a heavenly place of peace and beauty. Joyce’s near-death experience of being on the Other Side convinced her that every day in this life is precious, that we can’t win the prize if we take a shortcut and never finish the race, and that there is purpose to every life. Joyce was suicidal from the age of eight, and when her father committed suicide, she very nearly joined him. She often saw suicide as an option to escape the problems of this life, and consequently, often avoided the problem-solving process. Her experience on the Other Side changed her life forever. Her book should be read by every person who struggles with suicidal thoughts. To those in a position to make a difference, I hope you will lend your influence and help correct some of the false ideas that are rampant in our country. Joyce’s files are steadily filling with letters from people whose lives have been saved by reading her book.”