Near Death Survivor Gives Hope to People with ALS, Traumatic Stress, Depression, Thoughts of Suicide and More

Is there hope for my problems? Is there a purpose for living? Near Death Survivor Gives Hope to People with ALS, Blindness, Depression, Grief, Traumatic Stress, Thoughts of Suicide and More In this life-changing, paradigm-shifting book, Dr. Joyce H. Brown shares her extraordinary story of a life filled with unimaginable tragedy and miraculous triumph, horrendous heartache and heavenly happiness and joy. Now, at almost 90 years old, after conquering countless, overwhelming obstacles and crushing setbacks, Dr. Joyce has distilled the lessons of her long, miraculous life into one clear, compelling, desperately-needed message for today: You too can have a life filled with miracles. In Near Death Survivor Conquers ALS, Blindness, Depression, Grief, Suicide & More, you will:

  1. Discover Your True Purpose for Living
  2. Learn How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind
  3. Gain a Miraculous Cure for Suicidal Thoughts
  4. Tap the Power of Harmonizing Your Mind, Body and Spirit
  5. Learn Unique Coping Techniques to Relieve Stress, Depression, & Grief
  6. Explore Powerful Healing Practices for Your Mind and Body
  7. Find Hope and Relief in the Midst of Your Most Challenging Circumstances
  8. Learn to Draw on the Miraculous Powers of Heaven to Find Answers to Life’s Most Pressing Problems

In this book, a companion to her bestseller, God’s Heavenly Answers, Dr. Joyce Brown also shares her astounding story of meeting God, the gifts she received from the experience, a divine message offering proof of God’s unconditional love, the eternal wisdom that radically transformed, and gave new meaning and purpose to her life. As Dr. Joyce knows from her own experience, there is life after life. If you want to learn how to make sure you enjoy the Other Side when you get there, read this book. To download your free copy of this book now, simply enter your email address and click the blue button below.

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