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Dr. Joyce’s captivating and life-changing programs are geared to you, her audience. Whether she is motivating or training, she takes time to tailor her talk to your organization or group and your goals. She uses compelling stories and real life examples which are not just memorable, but also life-changing and life-saving.


Causes, Cures, & Grief Relief for Loved Ones and Survivors

Did you know that there is another death by suicide every 40 seconds? Are you thinking about committing suicide? Or do you know someone who is? Don’t you want to know what happens before you end your life? Making frequent guest appearances on television as “The Hope Doctor,” Dr. Joyce Brown knows something about suicide because she’s been suicidal before. She also has experience with suicide in her family, including her father and sister and four cousins. But now, after her transformational near death experience, and with a unique set of coping techniques, Dr. Joyce has an important message for those who are contemplating suicide:

"Life is worth living, and loving, even with all of its challenges!"

Along with lasting hope and a set of unique coping techniques, in this program you will discover why the world renowned atomic clock physicist Dr. David Allan said, “Dr. Joyce is the top expert in the world on suicide, its causes, and how to prevent it.”


How to Forgive
and Feel Forgiven

One of the key lessons Dr. Joyce learned from her dramatic, life-changing near-death experience is the vital importance of forgiving ourselves and others. As she writes in her her most recent book, Near Death Survivor Conquers ALS, Depression, Grief, Suicide and More: A Book of Hope, "I saw how important it is to just let go, forgive, be quiet, and go on. The relationship is more important than who is right." In this program, Dr. Joyce reveals the tremendous value of forgiveness and why we need to be forgiving, as it says in the Lord’s Prayer, “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive others.” This is an eternal truth, regardless of anyone’s religious beliefs, and, "just as we want to be forgiven, we must forgive and be tolerant of others."

Positive Belief

The Power of Positive Belief: Unlock Your Unconscious Mind to Enrich Your Life

Modern science is just beginning to discover the vast potential of our minds and how to tap our potential. In this program you will learn how to tap your God-given ability and power to use your mind to control your life, overcome trials of pain, temper feelings of discomfort, instigate change, and experience life as a unique and miraculous individual. This program is designed to help you accomplish your goals, become a more magnetic personality, and begin to experience a new, more rewarding way of life!

Heavenly Answers

Spiritual Solutions
to Earthly Challenges

As she shares in her bestselling book, God's Heavenly Answers, Dr. Joyce Brown's unusually extensive Near-Death Experience offers a bright light of hope to all God's children, and an answer to humanity's most burning question: "How can I make certain that I will enjoy whatever happens after I die?"


Traumatic Stress, Depression, and Grief

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans are now among the most stressed people in the world. But it doesn't have to be this way because stress is a manageable problem. In this program, Dr. Joyce, recognized as a Diplomate by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress®, shares her most powerful, proven strategies for conquering traumatic stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and grief.

Miraculous Healing

What to Do Before and After the Doctor Says, “Nothing More Can Be Done.”

As Dr. Joyce shares in her new book, Near Death Survivor Conquers ALS, Depression, Grief, Suicide & More: A Book of Hope, regarding her experience overcoming ALS, "While the conventional medical community is needed for many injuries and illnesses, looking outside of it allowed me to find the help that ultimately healed me." In this program, you will learn why many people who choose not to rely solely on the traditional medical establishment, tend to live healthier and longer lives. Dr. Joyce will also reveal a specific protocol to employ and an action plan to activate if you or someone you know is told by their doctor that "Nothing more can be done."

Our story

In 1999, in order to better get these and other vital messages out to more hurting, grieving, depressed and suicidal people, Dr. Joyce founded Stress and Grief Relief, Inc., a life-saving, life-changing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to giving hope to the hopeless.

The mission of Stress and Grief Relief is to prevent suicide and its causes, including traumatic stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and grief, with a special focus on veterans, church groups, and troubled youth.

After working for years with a number of different school systems, churches, detention centers, and juvenile halls across Las Vegas, Utah, and Southern California, as well as managing the international suicide prevention hotline, Dr. Joyce is now working to bring her proven experience reducing traumatic stress, anxiety and anger, as well as decades of experience preventing suicide, to those areas where stress, anger, depression, and suicide are now skyrocketing.

Known on television as “The Hope Doctor,” Dr. Joyce Brown is recognized as a Diplomate by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress®. She is the Founder and President of Stress and Grief Relief, Inc., a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to fighting stress, anger, and depression, giving hope to survivors, and preventing suicide. She has authored many books, including the bestseller, God’s Heavenly Answers; and her most recent book, Near Death Survivor Conquers ALS, Depression, Grief, Suicide and More: A Book of Hope.