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Would you like to join our live, online weekly prayer group meeting? All faiths and denominations are welcome. Dr. Joyce is a non-denominational Christian, but so long as you believe in God, you are more than welcome to join our group.

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Do you have a prayer request that you would like our group to add to our list of prayers? If so, we would love to be praying for you. Use the form below and let us know your first name, and how we can be praying for you.

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Do you have a question? Or would you like to send a message to Dr. Joyce? You can reach her through her contact form, or you can call her directly at 877-DR-JOYCE (that’s 877-375-6923).

“The only way we can improve our situations is by getting control of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, through prayer, faith, hope, and a definite chief purpose for living.”
-Dr. Joyce Brown, “The Hope Doctor”
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