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Hope Doctor Power of Hugging Healthy for Depression or Suicide

Hugging: The perfect cure for whatever ails you!

No moveable parts.

No batteries to wear out.

No periodic check-ups.

Low energy consumption.

High energy yield.

Inflation proof.

No monthly payments.

No insurance requirements.

Theft proof.


And, of course, fully returnable.

Hugging is healthy and natural. It relieves tension, combats depression, and reduces stress.

It improves blood circulation.

It invigorates. It rejuvenates. And it elevates self-esteem

Hugging generates good will, and it has no unpleasant side effects. In short, hugging is nothing less than a miracle.

Remember: Love is what makes people stronger than they would be alone.

From my heart to yours!

With love and prayers for special blessings,

Dr. Joyce Brown, "The Hope Doctor"
877-375-6923 (877-DR-JOYCE)


Joyce H. Brown, Ph.D, ND, EFT,
Board Certified Stress Relief Specialist, Author & Speaker
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Stress & Grief Relief, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization founded to help prevent suicide and its causes.
Learn how you can help prevent anxiety, stress, depression, and suicide, contact Dr. Joyce and ASK HOW.