God’s Heavenly Answers: Near-Death Experience Revealed

Near-death survivor provides hope to those who think life is not worth living. This out-of-body, true near-death account of the Other Side reports startling new information and reveals proof of God’s immense love. It provides hope and a miraculous cure for suicidal thoughts as it shows how to gain spiritual power, attain joy in this life, and build a retirement fund in Heaven. This book has produced wondrous results for many. You too can discover:

  • Insights Into How to Create Love in an Unfair World
  • Heavenly Stress Reducers that Work
  • Heavenly Coping Techniques for Immediate Results
  • Motivation for Living
  • Practical Ways to Obtain Heavenly Mercy and Answers to Prayers.

As this book’s first buyers began calling back to order additional copies to give to their friends and family, countless expressed a new desire to live. They were now recounting heart warming stories of overcoming despair, attaining peace of mind, and gaining spiritual power. Dr. Joyce Brown’s Near-Death Experience as related in her book brings a bright light of hope to all God’s children, and provides Heavenly Answers to humanity’s most burning question: “How can I make certain that I will enjoy the Other Side when I get there?”

“Dr. Joyce…is saving lives” and having “a life-changing impact…
—Mark Victor Hansen, Author Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Dr. Joyce Hunt Brown is one of the most remarkable and inspiring people I have ever met. Her book God’s Heavenly Answers has saved hundreds of people’s lives who had been suicidal. After reading her book describing her near-death experience, we were so deeply touched that we made contact with her, and have been the best of friends ever since. Joyce has helped countless people deal with grief and major stress issues in their lives. It is interesting, that more recently others have shown how almost all disease, which includes suicidal tendencies, are linked to stress. Society owes a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Brown for her pioneering work and continued contributions. How fortunate we are to have her book. It, undoubtedly, will be used countless times in helping people move through their challenges in life.”

Dr. David W. Allan, Atomic Clock Scientist, author of It’s About Time: Science Harmonizing with Religion. Dr. Allan is a world-renowned atomic clock physicist who helped develop the nation’s atomic clock during his 32 years at NBS/NIST. He also spent many years helping in the development of GPS.


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