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Develop Supreme Self-Confidence

Build High Self-Confidence and Enduring Self-Esteem


Audio Program Introduction

You cannot take your rightful place in life until you have conquered your shyness. You will find it a little difficult at first, but every time you conquer yourself when you notice a tendency to “shrink” from something you should do, you will find it easier the next time. Self-Confidence must exist in your own mind before you can express it outwardly with genuine conviction. Inwardly, you must first convince yourself that you actually are a dynamic, confident person.

Shyness and timidity are purely mental characteristics. Most of it is caused by imagination. When a person is shy he thinks that whatever he does or says, someone is looking at him or listening to him. If you are timid, try the following technique: No matter what you are doing, never look around to see if someone is watching you. Whatever you have to do, go ahead and do it immediately. Never think whether you are being watched or not. Put all your attention on what you do!

Be self-determined. This means to be a “self-starter”. Rely on your own mental and physical resources and make use of them at every opportunity. Never wait for Lady Luck to smile on you, but use your brain–that is your mind power–and your two arms to attain what you desire. What you do not use, you lose, so put your good traits and positive qualities into active use now, and keep on developing them. A natural “chain-reaction” will follow your action when you start with real energy and enthusiasm. Fortunes have been built on this principle of starting with enthusiastic energy. The big secret of rising in the world is to apply the power of your positive emotions as a spark to release the physical energy you need to accomplish things.

"Appreciate yourself without conditions. All that is really necessary to become self-confident is to have a genuine appreciation of your positive qualities. Everyone has greater possibilities than he or she can yet conceive. Wake up to the good that is in you right now. Bless and praise it until it is recognized by those around you. Rely on your own powers without doubt."
Dr. Joyce hunt brown, N.M.D., Ph.D.
Certified Crisis Chaplain


Dr. Joyce Hunt Brown

Known as a trusted advisor, Dr. Joyce Hunt Brown is an author, speaker, coach, and Certified Crisis Chaplain. She is also a Board-Certified expert and Diplomate with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress®. While in practice as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (N.M.D.), Dr. Joyce received six Lifetime Achievement Awards in the natural health field. She is the author of the book Heavenly Answers for Earthly Challenges, as well as the sleep learning audio recordings, Whispers for Life and Prosperity and the specialized meditation, Whispers for Miraculous Results.

“You were born for Victory!”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Customer Reviews

Will Power Audio Program-Customer Reviews
“This program helped me to stop depending on the opinions of others for how I feel about myself. My confidence is no longer dependent on what others think. What a life change this program has been! Thank you, Dr. Joyce Hunt Brown!”

-William J.

Boston, MA